Winter Cleaning

Cleaning has been helping to keep me sane these days.

During college, I discovered that I enjoy cleaning. I had the same roommate all four years ( a girl I had a crush on and thought was straight. Turns out I was wrong, and that she too had a crush on me, but thought I was straight. We realized our mistake during our last few months of college), and starting our sophomore year, we got in the habit of cleaning together every Saturday or Sunday. It wasn’t anything we scheduled or planned, just something we’d do in parallel, and it was very peaceful and pleasantly domestic.

Last night was the deadline for making any changes to my Rank list, so between now and March 15th, there is nothing more I can do to influence where I end up (the programs had the same deadline). In theory, I’ve probably been matched already, but it takes two weeks to doublecheck the data, or something, and then there’s another week for giving people who didn’t match a chance to find an open spot.

22 more days.

I have a lot of unexpected downtime these days, which is often a curse for me. I’m on essentially a Family Planning themed outpatient gynecology rotation (I’ve moved on from dying children to abortions; this is the morbid section of my education, I guess), but I often have either the morning or the afternoon free due to scheduling difficulties.

I get restless and eventually just very blah, when I have too much free time. So cleaning! Lots, and lots of cleaning! Since I have about a 95% chance of having to change cities, I’ve been preparing for a move and giving things away to friends and Goodwill. However, I have to keep my studio in visitable condition, so while it’d be easy to let things get crazy and cluttered in the process, I have to keep backtracking and tidying up after myself. I’ve been working on this for several weeks now, and it’s been a strangely enjoyable process of taking apart sections of my apartment and putting them back together.

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