Waiting Game

I’ve had a few ideas for posts in the past few days, but when I come home and sit down in front of my computer, I find myself wanting to just hold off on blogging much until Match Day. I know that it’s silly to put life on hold for any reason, even if only for just one more month, but this is such a big turning point in my life, and until I know the result, planning beyond it is difficult, and a big part of my thoughts is planning.

I’m going to try to think of topics to talk about that aren’t loaded with a bunch of “if, then” clauses, and I’m sure things will come up. Ember is visiting me this weekend, then I’m visiting my parents again (it’s strange, but not in a bad way, seeing them this often), and then Catalyst is visiting for a weekend. And then three weeks later, both Ember and Catalyst will be in town with me for Match Day.

So mostly these days I’m just waiting, and giving away a lot of things (10 out of the 11 places on my list require moving to one of the coasts, and I’d like to lessen my burden of unnecessary┬ápossessions), and trying not to get too far behind on emails and errands and other obligations. And, of course, rewatching Battlestar Gallactica with Catalyst, and playing computer games with both my boys.

Speaking of errands, I’ve got a bunch of emails I’ve been procrastinating on sending.

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