Stability is Boring?

It’s hard for me to blog when life is going pretty well. “Today was another normal day. I woke up, packed lunch for myself and for Catalyst, and then I went to work, took care of patients, and came home. After I spent some time decompressing on the internet, Catalyst and I had dinner together. I video chatted with Ember, then Catalyst and I watched a couple episodes of something, and went to bed.”

There’s a “stability is boring” trap that I fall into, as you can tell by the fact that I mostly blog when something changes, but that wasn’t my original intent with this blog. Much like the goal of my medical school/medicine blog, the purpose of this was to show what a personal, mundane polyamorous life is like. This isn’t meant to be an exciting dramatic sexy romp. This is meant to be full of the simple little details.

Another problem I have with blogging when things are going well, is that I worry about bragging. I don’t want it to seem like I’m showing off and being all “Look at my perfect poly life! Everything’s going so well! What’s wrong with all you people who have more drama in your lives?”

But I think I just need to get over it. I do still have interesting things to say, even though my day to day life is quite simple and “boring.”

So hello world! Today I had a pretty standard Thursday, and I’m finishing up my internet time while Catalyst is making dinner, and at some point I’ll get a chance to talk to Ember. I effectively came out to my Program Director (essentially my boss) as poly on Sunday so I could bring Catalyst to a work event (and subsequently sort of came out to some of my coworkers), so that’s kind of exciting, except no one’s asked me any questions about it, so actually no, it wasn’t very exciting. And that’s a wonderful thing. :)

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