Some good news

On Sunday, after speeding in my rental car to return it and then half running with my suitcase to the ticket counter before I missed the window for checking in a bag, I got an email from the big academic program near Ember inviting me to one of their last few interview dates because a handful of people had canceled. Happy news! Even better, I was able to schedule it just two days after my originally final interview at the small community program near Ember, so I only have to change one flight and I still don’t have to pay for a hotel.

Other good news: Both Catalyst and his wife Dreamer are coming to my medical school graduation! I’ll have to figure out how to cram all four of us comfortably into my studio apartment, which at that point I’ll be mostly moved out of, but it’ll be fun! Like… indoor camping? =D This also gives them a chance to meet my family before I explain to my parents that I’ve been dating a married guy for, at that point, very nearly two years.

It’s normal to want to blog when I have something to complain about, but I thought it’d be nice to share a little something more positive too. :)

4 thoughts on “Some good news

    • Just reread it. It’s a good one! And more succinct than the ramble addressed to my mother that’s sitting in my drafts folder. I’ve been considering posting it here, though I’m not ready to send it to her yet! I admit a large part of why I’m still closeted is financial. Medical school is expensive and scholarships scarce, so I’m paying with loans and help from my parents. I can pay my loans off myself after I graduate and start working, but until then I’m living off of money from my parents that arrives monthly, and I’d rather not be cut off until I can support myself. Just a few more months though!

      • My 2 cents then would be wait until stuff is paid off.
        It IS expensive!

        You are welcome to use the format we used, and if you want me email I would send you the one I use regularly to read it and maybe offer some advice.

        I will admit that Bugg wrote ost of ours off of a format we found on life on the swingset

        • haha, yeah, it’s pretty damn expensive! I do think waiting is the best plan, but I don’t like lying, and it’s getting harder to just lie by omission.

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