The Parental Decree

I don’t often say no to my parents. I was raised in an environment where I was scolded for reluctant obedience, let alone defiance. But I rarely found out what defying my parents meant, because I just didn’t do it (except by accident as a result of my occasionally spotty memory, my penchant for procrastination, and my tendency to get sidetracked).

And now I’m faced with figuring out how to say no to a big thing. My parents do not like the fact that Catalyst and I live together, and have asked me to move into a place of my own (“asked” doesn’t feel like quite the right word here). They have also offered to pay for said place, which is very generous of them, but I never said I needed help affording housing. I can see where they’re coming from (they’ve always been against pre-marital cohabitation, they want me to be independent and easily able to find a more suitable, ie, monogamous and marriage-ready and of an “appropriate” educational and economic background; from the same or similar home country wouldn’t hurt), but it requires moving my life in a completely orthogonal direction to my desired path. I’m trying to build a home with and for my loves, and it’s kinda hard to do so when you don’t live together. There is, of course, the temptation to accept the place, and just not live in it, but that isn’t sitting right with me. I haven’t finally told my parents about one big thing in my life just so that I can start hiding something else from them.

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