Moving along

Life is moving along at a fairly steady (though currently quite accelerated) pace. I’m finally done interviewing, which is extremely relieving (but I have a lot of emails I need to send out, and I still need to finalize my list), and I only have ten more weeks of rotations left!

Although it’s only ~10:40pm and a Friday night,  I’m exhausted. I flew back to the midwest from the Bay Area on a red eye flight, came home, went to the hospital, came home, picked up my parents from the airport, and hung out with them until recently.

Aside from desperately wanting to crawl into bed all night, I had a lovely evening with my parents. Conversation flowed quite well and stayed away from more pressured topics like marriage. There were a few “You should rank X east coast program highly! Wouldn’t it be nice to live in New York?” type remarks, but nothing that really ruffled my feathers. They’re in town till Sunday afternoon, and I think I’ve got a decent agenda laid out that will keep us busy and content. I’m realizing that perhaps there is something to be said for building a better relationship with my parents before turning their world upside down. Give them a chance to know at least some small part of who I really am. It was kind of cute how amused they were that I picked them up from the airport in my car. I’m in my mid-ish twenties (just past middle?), but I only learned how to drive in Dec 2011, and they’d never seen me drive. I’m still young, I know, but I think they see me as far younger than they must have felt at my age.

I’ve had a few ideas for posts pop into my head recently, but I’m too tired to write prettily right now. I’m only awake because I’m in that too tired to be rational, ridiculously stubborn phase where I want to sleep so desperately, but I’m annoyed that I’m tired this early, and can’t quite allow myself to give up just yet.


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