Just my life :)

It’s funny how strongly the standard relationship escalator narrative is worked into my brain, even though I’m in the midst of deconstructing it and rebuilding it with just the parts I want.

One of my brothers mailed out an FAQ for his wedding, including his wedding registry, and it’s got a really nifty set-up. In the back of my mind I was thinking “Ooh, how cool!” with a vague undertone of “taking notes for the future,” until conscious thought kicked in a second later and reminded me that getting married, and especially, a traditional, normal wedding with family and friends and a registry, really isn’t on the table right now. It’s not off the table, but usually it’s something that is very much on the table or being actively discussed by someone in the position I’m in with either of my relationships.

But the upside is that this doesn’t really bother me. This is more of a “Huh. Interesting” observation than a “woe is me my life sucks!” post.

You know what I want? A life registry. Cause I’ve got a lot of things I want to buy right now (Combat boots, leather jacket,wool coat, trench coat, fancy scanner for decluttering¬†purposes, fancy duffel bag for traveling that will last forever,¬† oxfords, new socks, bras that fit, clothes for work I don’t hate, and so much more!), and I’d love it if people could buy them for me. =P I really can’t wait to be making my own money again.

(18 more days, by the way. In case you were wondering.)



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