Happy Weekend :)

Being sappy and silly at brunch. :) My lap, one of each of  their hands, and my hands.

Being sappy and silly at brunch. :) My lap, one of each of their hands, and my hands.

Ember was in town this weekend, and aside from the disappointment that he was only in town for one weekend, it was happy times. :)

Brief recap:

  • Ember arrived Thursday night. I drove to pick him up, and then Catalyst, Ember and I crashed into bed and fell asleep.
  • Friday night started with Ember, Catalyst, “the girl Ember’s dating who also happens to live in Rainy City” (I really need a name for her) and I at an art showing that several of our friends had pieces in.
  • Then we went out for drinks with one of my favorite local triads (an MFM V, if you know what that means).
  • Saturday was Ember and I’s day to spend one on one time together, so we had a slightly lazy morning, then walked out for brunch and some shopping, then hibernated in the bedroom.
  • After a quick dinner out, we brought back food for Catalyst, and then the three of us hung out in bed and watched Doctor Who.
  • On Sunday the three of us went out to brunch (same place because it was so tasty) with two other couples (one is involved in a relationship with another couple, and the other is in an open-ish relationship but I’m not entirely clear how open they are because I haven’t asked).
  • Then the three of us went out to watch Much Ado About Nothing (after stopping by home to watch another episode of Doctor Who)
  • And then we played Borderlands 2 (co-op computer game) together until bedtime. =D
  • Ember left Monday morning after I went to work. :(

And that is the crazy, terribly exciting, and exotic life of a doctor with two boyfriends when she has an entire weekend free and both boyfriends in town!  Other highlights include valiantly trying to fall asleep between the boyfriends geeking out about something technical.

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