Happy Holidays? Well, yes!

I usually go back to my parents’ home country for Christmas and New Year’s, for about a week or a week and a half. After a few days, I’m ready to leave. I love my parents, I love my brothers (and their wives/fiances), and I love being home, but I tend to get that “lonely in a crowd” feeling around them. As the family has grown and as my brothers have moved on to building their own families, it’s become easier for me to feel lost when we’re all together.

This year though, I’m spending Christmas with most of my family, in the US (two babies due very soon, so no traveling for two of my brothers), but then I get to spend New Year’s with Ember and Catalyst!  I’m looking forward to having not just one, but two people to kiss and welcome in the New Year with. This is a huge and significant improvement over my traditional zero.

I’m still hopeful that one day there’ll be less of this “I can either spend time with my family, or with my loves” dichotomy, but until then I can’t deny that it’s warmer and more comfortable to be around Ember and Catalyst. I never feel lonely around people when the people are either or both of them. Big reason why I love them. =)

I hope you all have plans or non-plans that you’re pleased with!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays? Well, yes!

      • I know we will! Jedi (reffered to in my blog) is going to stay the night with me, and CxD and Bugg are going to stay with each other in a different room of the hosue we are staying at.

        I look forward to much laughter. many cuddles. Movies, Morning muffins and a family that for the first time i feel like is FINALLY mine

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