In addition to actually enjoying cleaning, after my junior year of college I developed some mild OCD of the “germaphobe” variety. It’s mild enough that coworkers, acquaintances and even most friends probably don’t notice it, and my family has only really noticed in a “Gee, you wash your hands a lot” way. I don’t mind getting dirty, so my behavior while out and about might be a tiny bit more finicky and proper than others, but I don’t stand out in any grand way. It’s my home behavior that’s more unusual.

I insist on showering when I get home from the hospital (or clinics), because ew, hospitals, and my work shoes are separate from my every day life shoes. In general, if I’ve left home, I change into different clothes when I come home, and I prefer to live with the “no shoes in the house” rule.

So any time Catalyst or Ember are about to visit me, I go through my apartment and do a thorough cleaning. I disinfect many surfaces (like my door handles, the kitchen trash can, and the bathroom), clean the floors, and in general tidy up. It’s not that my place really gets all that dirty, but it’s easier for me to relax and not worry about what they’ve touched before touching something else, if everything’s clean.

My OCD came seemingly out of nowhere and in full force, but over time I’ve managed to convince myself to back down. I’ve still got a little ways to go before I feel like I’m not quite so weird about cleanliness, and I’m pretty sure having kids (and just living with other people) will be a big part of that. In the meantime, readying my apartment before both boys arrive this weekend has been a handy distraction from freaking out about Friday.

(Other major distractions: Sim City 5, when it works, and Lost Girl)

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