Beautiful Short Film – The Language of Love

This is a short film (nine and a half minutes), a monologue, by a 17 year old (written by him, starring him) named Kim Ho, and it was beautiful, and painful, and adorable, and it took me back to between ages 14 and 19 when I endured a string of four overwhelming unrequited crushes, two on girls (one of which turned out to be not so unrequited, but only after nearly four years of quietly pining after her).

I’m in California with Ember, about half way into a two week visit. This will be followed by another week with my parents, and then going to Rainy City and moving in with Catalyst and Dreamer! My graduation went incredibly well, and I’m now officially a doctor. There’s a lot on my mind again, but it seems that’s just standard operation for me.

Soon after my graduation I received an email from one of my brothers titled “Unsolicited Advice” that I did not receive very well on first skim. After reading it more closely, I realized that it came from a gentler place than I thought, but it was still a bit of a blow after such a fun weekend full of so much love and at least surface level acceptance. I haven’t responded to the email yet; still thinking about it, not quite ready to file it away and move on.