Back in the USA

I spent the 7th through the 14th on a small caribbean island, vacationing with Catalyst and Dreamer, and also a good portion of my family. My two oldest brothers are already married, and as of Saturday, my third older brother is now also married. :) There were definitely a few “So it’s your turn now, right?” comments throughout the week, but it was not overbearing.

I do wish Ember had been able to join us, but it was a good week. I grew up near the equator, and spending most of my weekends in my parents’ home town, which is by the beach; this means that warm, beach vacations are an interesting combination of something exotic and different from my everyday life, but also familiar and homey.

Considering Catalyst, Dreamer and I are planning to move in together in June, I’m glad that it went well. I suppose a stronger test would have included us actually traveling together, and sharing just one hotel room the entire time, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m also really happy that my family liked them, even though my brothers are the only ones, so far, who know that I’m dating Catalyst.

I have a lot of thoughts from that week, some happy, some sad, but I’m in the middle of recuperating from having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted (on the 15th), and trying to find the energy to pack up my apartment before disappearing for a month (and I’ll be back for less than a week, one final time, for my graduation and to finish clearing out my apartment).

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