Agreeing to disagree

Catalyst’s parents recently visited for the weekend. They’re politically conservative and quite religious, and as a consequence don’t agree with polyamory. Though they like me, after Catalyst came out they said they don’t want me coming to their home (and I think back then part of the issue was also that one of his brothers and his children lived with them, and they don’t want the kids being exposed to polyamory; I’m not sure if their stance has changed now that they’ve moved out).

This was the first time I’d seen them since Catalyst had come out. I was incredibly anxious about seeing them again, and the first night I hid in the bedroom for a while agonizing over whether or not I was going to go to dinner with them. I emerged at the last second before I was left behind. ^^

Turns out my anxiety was for nothing. While they still don’t understand or approve of the whole polyamory thing, they really do still like me, and were very pleasant and fun to be around. I spent the weekend tagging along with them and Catalyst, and had a good time (though I was pretty exhausted by the end of it). And of course (I guess? O.o), we went to a gun range and I shot a gun for the first time in my life. I also got lots of hugs followed by compliments over how good I smell. =D

I have a bit of cognitive dissonance over how I can like people I disagree with on so many points and issues, but that’s life I suppose.

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